Die Belegschaft von König feiert im Jahr 1900 50000 Hektoliter Jahressausstoß Bier.

König Brewery Milestones

König brewery was started in 1858; a year that marked the beginning of a success story. In those days it was most common for breweries to produce top fermented ales; however, our founder, Theodor König, decided not to follow that trend, but instead he pursued the production of bottom fermented Pilsener style beer; a brewing process which was quite elaborate at the time. And it was a good decision, as our taste buds confirm to this day!


One of the Biggest Beer Brands in Germany with premier Partnerships

König Pilsener is synonymous with quality, which is reinforced by the numerous prestigious partnerships they have established. Countless top tier German restaurants and hotels trust the high-quality beer produced at the König Brewery in Duisburg. The premier partnerships include the Hotel Grand Elysee and the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg and Munich, the luxury Hapag-Lloyd cruise ships, and many more.


International Exports

König Pilsener is available in more than 40 countries. The beer, which at first was primarily exported to traditional German tourist destinations such as Italy or Spain, has been experiencing steady growth in other major markets such as China and North America, among many others.


Acquired by Bitburger Brewery Group

In 2004, the König Brewery became part of Bitburger Brewery Group.


Output of More than 2.5 Million hl per Year

The growing popularity of Pilsener resulted in the brewery becoming the unchallenged market leader in Germany of the Pilsener Beer Segment.


Production Milestone & 1st National Advertising Campaign

Annual output from the brewery reaches one million hectoliters. In the same year, the brand’s first national advertising campaign is launched, using the slogan “Brewed with care for generations”.


Leading Role in the early Pilsener Trend

König assumes a leading role in the growing Pilsener trend in the 1960s, becoming an iconic Pilsener brand.

Mitarbeiter der König-Brauerei in den 60ern


Creation of the König Pilsener Brand

The König brewery pioneered and was instrumental in popularizing a new trend in the beer market by producing for the first time a hoppier Pilsener beer under the König label.

Historischer LKW der König-Brauerei


Founding of the Brewery by Theodor König in Duisburg, Germany.

Our founder put his heart and soul into brewing a beer so that workers from the surrounding coal mines could raise a glass of beer after they finished their shifts.

Theodor König, Gründer der König-Brauerei

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